Tip #3 Airplane Mode It

When you sit down at your desk to focus on a specific piece of work put your phone into Airplane Mode so you don't get distracted by those pesky notifications. How often is a notification that important it can't wait? Stand up to your FOMO urge!

#Tip 2 Get An Alarm Clock

It's so convenient having a phone that can do everything, right? Problem is if you use it as your alarm clock it means you have to take your phone to bed with you. Plus, when the alarm goes off what is the first thing you end up doing when you wake up? Yep, you look... Continue Reading →

Jean Twenge's book, iGen, is for those of you who like your facts to be thoroughly backed up with stats. It will be of particular interest to those of you with children born after 1995, and perhaps help you understand a bit more about their world view. It reveals how iGen are actually quite different... Continue Reading →

How To Break Up With Your Phone is a well written, fun-to-read book by journalist Catherine Price. It is the kind of book you can take with you on your commute to work, or read in your lunch breaks, because it can be read in short bursts without the risk of losing your thread. The... Continue Reading →

Tip#1 – Get A Watch

Does this sound familiar? The battery on your watch ran out some years ago and you never bothered replacing it because you didn't really need a watch anymore because your phone could do the job of a watch. But every time you check your phone for the time you also see notifications and immediately you're... Continue Reading →

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web

“When I created the Web 29 years ago, I imagined it as an open platform that would allow everyone to share information anywhere and collaborate. But now even when they are connected together, they don’t end up collaborating positively, but rather the result comes negative in many instances.” March 2018

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