Tip #7 Try Intermittent Phasting

Have you ever tried intentionally turning your phone off for a whole day on the weekend or even just leaving it behind on purpose when you walk the dog / go out forĀ  supper with friends / go shopping? It's actually really invigorating! Sure, you might feel separation anxiety at first - "What if I... Continue Reading →

Tip #6 Resist The Urge

Go on, admit it, we've all done it! Using the bathroom break for a cheeky check of our phone shows how addictive our phones have become. Our phones have managed to sneak into the most private place in our lives. So next time you pop to the bathroom resist the urge to check your phone.... Continue Reading →

Jean Twenge's book, iGen, is for those of you who like your facts to be thoroughly backed up with stats. It will be of particular interest to those of you with children born after 1995, and perhaps help you understand a bit more about their world view. It reveals how iGen are actually quite different... Continue Reading →

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