Tip #5 Establish No-Phone Zones

A good place to start is to ban phones at the dinner table. Not only might you find it sparks more interesting conversations it might even help your physical health! It's called mindful eating: when we are distracted it becomes harder to listen to our body’s signals about food. Next time you sit down to... Continue Reading →

Tip #4 Measure It

Learn about your own behaviour by downloading a tracking app that records how you use your mobile device. I started by using Moment and was astonished by the number of times I pick up my phone each day. IOS and Android have now also launched screen time apps to help you track this. Sometimes our perception of... Continue Reading →

Tip #3 Airplane Mode It

When you sit down at your desk to focus on a specific piece of work put your phone into Airplane Mode so you don't get distracted by those pesky notifications. How often is a notification that important it can't wait? Stand up to your FOMO urge!

#Tip 2 Get An Alarm Clock

It's so convenient having a phone that can do everything, right? Problem is if you use it as your alarm clock it means you have to take your phone to bed with you. Plus, when the alarm goes off what is the first thing you end up doing when you wake up? Yep, you look... Continue Reading →

Tip#1 – Get A Watch

Does this sound familiar? The battery on your watch ran out some years ago and you never bothered replacing it because you didn't really need a watch anymore because your phone could do the job of a watch. But every time you check your phone for the time you also see notifications and immediately you're... Continue Reading →

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