Why This Matters

I find it tragic that they’re publishing pictures of cut marks up their arms in some desperate cry for help that an algorithm isn’t going to give a damn about. Article by Liz Smith

Is Addiction to Tech Stifling Teens’ Creativity?

Have you found yourself marveling at how teens can produce videos and images with filters and effects at hyper-speed just with their smartphones? Tech has given this generation of teens an incredible suite of creative tools at their fingertips and they appear to have a genetic ability to learn how to use them with impressive ease. They’re leading the way when it comes to visual communication and creating a whole new aesthetic. But what is tech doing to their creative writing and thinking skills? Article by Liz Smith

What does it portend when wifi trumps the beach?

Stepping away from our tech requires conscious effort and is an ongoing battle for most of us. It's already hard enough to do today, so what is it going to be like in 10 or 20 years time when our tech is even more sophisticated, when smart machines are embedded into every aspect of our lives? Article by Liz Smith

Silicon Valley’s Secret Sauce

You may have noticed that dopamine has become the celebrity of brain chemicals in the media in recent years, being accused of causing a nation's addiction to cupcakes or flaunted as a way to supercharge your sex drive (with the help of a watermelon), but what is dopamine really and why are dopamine loops triggered when we use our smartphones and connected devices? Article by Liz Smith

The Digital Ocean

Decide who you are and who you want to be and create that reality for yourself in the Digital Ocean. Use Google to learn, not just watch cat videos. Use FaceBook to connect and discuss, not just collect likes. Use social media to create your own reality, not just go with the herd default assumptions. Article by Marc Atherton

What will today’s 14 year old be like when she is 34?

"I’m wondering what today’s 14 year old will be like when she is 34? Will she be living her life in a Ready Player One virtual world and will the concept of having a BBQ with friends or going for a drink at her local be a thing of the past? Or will there be a backlash and the sports fields and hiking trails will be full of fit and healthy, friend-hugging hipsters who’ve left their smartphones at home?" Article by Liz Smith

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