Chantelle de Carvalho, Producer

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My career began in the entertainment industry in the theatre, directing and acting in contemporary and classic works. Since 1989 I have been involved in film and television production, working on international features and TV dramas as well as documentaries and commercials for independent film production companies.

In my role as a creative producer I have been fortunate to be involved in all stages of my projects: from script development to packaging and financing and finally, international distribution. As Head of Production for Film38 and Entertaining:TV I oversaw all production activity for projects we ran for leading international digital agencies and premium brands and was Development Executive in charge of feature film production. I formed Coco&Claude Films Ltd to develop and produce a slate of feature film projects including, “The Hatching”, a comedy/beast horror, “The Secret Philosophy”, an art house drama, “Credo”, a supernatural thriller, aka “The Devil’s Curse (Lionsgate US) and “Copposites” a body-swap comedy.

Observing my own kids growing up during the tech revolution and seeing how easily they adopted it, made me aware of its power and at the same time its threat should there be few controls in place. Being millennials they did not have smartphones and social media in their lives during their formative years This meant they still got to practice those real-time, in-person social skills which I believe many post-millennials now miss out on and are suffering as result.. This, and the potential effects it could have on their children interests me intensely.

My involvement in Swipe Left for Addiction arises from my overriding faith in education – not just institutional education, but also creating awareness in educators, social leaders, parents and children concerning elements which have an impact on our social behaviours and environments. I believe in using theatrical and audio visual platforms to create social awareness within global communities and hope in this way to use my experience in entertainment to do just that on the issue of behavioural addiction linked to our devices.

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